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You are welcome to the world of unlimited creativity and design that will change your home once and for all!

Architectural design, apartment interior design, house interior design should involve no routine, cliches or stale standards...Creative ideas should lead the dance here! So, if you decide to renew the design of your apartment or do the architectural design - remember - this should be done by professionals!

Our design ideas are a flight of imagination, not chained to stale standards. Our infinite imagination and precise calculation find their use in the following categories of services:

- house interior design, including the best design projects for our clients, innovative ideas for replanning, ceiling decoration, decorative lighting systems. We find a place for creativity even in the smallest apartments and houses. We are happy to find something new and to please every customer,

- design of building facades: as the saying goes, "fine dress helps to impress",

- architecture, planning of houses: leading architects and designers will help you decide on the form, the size, the style and...the cost. Architectural projects are just another reason for our pleasure and your savings.

- apartment interior design, even of the smallest apartments. We make things beautiful even where it seems almost impossible. Probably every one of you has wintessed obvious changes after a high-quality repair or rearrangement of furniture. We will offer you a solution for comprehensive space amendment and planning. We give people the ease, the freedom and the joy by removing everything unnecessary and adding energy to every square inch of their apartment,

- interior decoration: no matter what it is - a country house, a town house or a comfortable apartment. Decoration is different from the design by ways and methods of implementation. Interior decoration means, above all, decorative structures, decoration of walls and ceilings, artistic elements, carefully calculated system of decorative lighting that emphasizes all the advantages of your apartment or house. Such interior design will make your home an object of admiration and even of some envy of all your friends and acquaintances,

- best design projects in various styles. Modern design alongside with traditional elements and unusual touches of human imagination. Today, classic interior style, Rococo, Baroque, Art Deco style, Japanese style are very popular in the interior design.

- planning of precast concrete panel apartments: many do not even dare to change anything. It is thanks to the efforts of designers that your seemingly mundane apartment turns into a place where you feel free and at home. We are expanding the space in your life and thoughts, offering only the best design ideas,

- design projects of country houses, cottages,

- restaurant design,

- cafe interior design,

- bar interior design,

An important part of the house design work is a careful selection of the house's future interior style. In the collection of ready-made house design projects (view photos on our website) we have selected solutions of various stylistic trends - from the modern style to a classic country manor in the best traditions.

Architecture and Design Studio "Zlatograf Interior" is a team of professionals: architects, designers, engineers that specialize in creating and implementing interior design projects of residential and public buildings. Architecture, design of houses, buildings and structures is our area of expertise, and it often helps us in the work with interior design.

Architectural design, house interior design, apartment interior design, building design, object design, repair and design, design and decoration, design of buildings and structures.

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01034, Ukraine, Kyiv, Kyiv, Prorizna Str., 12, office 10

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