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In modern times in the community there is a strict division of the people into three groups: those who are very important to stand out , those who want to escape from all and those who are totally indifferent to events . To each his own .

And now there is nothing strange that the firms receiving client , they want squeeze all the juice from it to make money. They take the standard solutions and offer to you . No one seeks to create something new and harmonious with YOU. Oh they do not think about you. It is a pity , that now all is like this .

Around the standards , standards , standards ... Everything is so similar to each other . But you yourself do choose it and get a result .

And about what you think when you select all of this?I know, You toured the shopping centers, the neighboring streets, you stopped on the way to a neighbor and he did this and will be good if he did it beautiful. As a result, you get a complete ... pun " of everything."

Why is everyone trying to do it yourself ? Why do not you turn to experts for advice and tips?

All customers have a huge gaps in coloristics, combined with each other shapes and volumes , in the application of textures and finishes, especially in a game with prospects.

Even if you want to do it yourself, you need at first contact the person, who at least give you some advice what its better and why it is better and just then do it.

And then i look at the sides and saw just bad taste everywhere.

And I'm not say , come just to us and only we give you what you are missing . I say that it is better to observe the development and emergence of new opportunities and of course remember what we forgotten. Yes, opportunities ...

Realize dreams...

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European construction and architecture. The modern interior design. Creative landscaping and landscape design. Interesting courses, counseling, training in construction, architecture, interior and landscape.

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01021, Ukraine, Kyiv, Kiev, Klovskiy descent, 18

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